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What's Waynabox?
Waynabox is a new way of travelling. You will escape for three days to a surprise destination which includes a roundtrip flight and 2 nights of accommodation. Discard cities you don't want to travel to (the first one is for free, the next ones for € 5 each). Two days before travelling, we will send your travel documents and you will discover where you will be going. Get ready to live your next adventure this weekend!
How far in advance should I book?
Tickets are limited, so we recommend to book at least two weeks in advanced to make sure you get a seat. Although you can book while there are available dates on our calendar
Can I choose my destination?
You can't choose where you travel to. The exciting thing about the adventure is not knowing where you are going to until the moment you need to pack up.
When will I know where I'm going to?
We will let you know about your destination two days before travelling.
Can I travel with friends?
Of course! You can invite more friends to join your adventure - the more the merrier. In the event that you will be making your reservation separately, you must write the name of your friends and their booking locator on comments.
What's the meal plan included?
Usually our bookings are room only. However, according to the hotel policy, breakfast may be included in some cases.
Do I need my passport or just with my ID is fine?
Most of our destinations belong to the European Union meaning you will only need your you ID if you are a European citizen. However, there are others in which you will need your passport, as is the case of Tangier. If you do not have a passport to travel make sure to discard the destinations in which it’s required.
What will my hotel be like?
We choose hotels, apartments and boutique hostels recommended by Tripadvisor. After all, they have to accomplish our travellers needs. For example, all accommodations are located in the center or close to the center in every city, always conveniently located next to public transports. You will get your hotel voucher along with your flight documents two days before departing. You can check our accomodation list here:: aquí.

The new accommodation policy will be respected for all reservations made from 04/01, maintaining the same quality for previously contracted services and with the conditions specified at the time of contracting.
Can I travel with Euros or do I have to exchange money?
Euros are the most commonly used currency at our destinations, but there are some in which you will need to exchange money. At the moment you discover your destination, you will discover what currency is used there.
Which airline am I gonna fly with? Could it be low cost?
We work with several airlines depending on your dates, departure city and availability. We cannot guarantee which airline you are going to fly with but it could be regular or low cost.
If I repeat Waynabox, Is it possible I get the same destination again?
If you enjoyed your Waynabox experience and you’d like to travel with us again, you can discard one city for free; i.e. the city you have already been to with us. Also, on every journey we challenge you to take some photos as you will receive a € 10 discount that you can use to book upcoming trips. In the case you don't discard the city, we cannot guarantee you won't get the same one. Although we will try to send you to new destinations!
Can I travel by myself?
Yes! Choose 1 traveler on our searcher and you can start your journey. In order to guarantee the quality of the trip, with a private room and bathroom, your solo travel will be charged a € 50/per night supplement.
Can I travel even if I don’t have Spanish nationality?
All persons who come from a country member of the Schengen zone can travel. In order to travel, you only need your passport or identity document and indicate your nationality in the reservation information.
How many people fit in my room?
Rooms are always private for each group that travels together, therefore, you will never sleep with strangers. D. Not all hotels include rooms with more than two beds, so it’s possible for groups to be accommodated in different rooms. In case you wish to accommodate yourselves in pairs or in separate rooms you will have to tell us in the comment box when making your reservation.
Can I give a Waynabox without choosing a date?
Yes! From #FULL_URL_TO_BUY_GIFT# you can set a gift card for anyone you choose. Choose the departure airport, preferences and make the purchase. The person who receives the gift will be able to choose the date to enjoy their trip, you can give it to them printed or send it to their e-mail.
How do I redeem a gift card?
Congratulations! If you have been given a Waynabox, you just have to enter %redeem_url% and introduce the code that appears on your gift card. You can customise the trip choosing a date, preferences and filling in your information.