What is Waynabox?

Let the destination surprise you

Waynabox is a surprise trip. You will not discover your destination until a few days before traveling! You will live a fun, spontaneous and surprising experience. It is the perfect plan for any adventurous spirit! Prepare your bags and let chance decide where you will travel. Because life is a journey, not a destination!

How it works

Choose dates, discard destinations ... SURPRISE!

Book a Waynabox
Give a Waynabox

Set up your trip

Choose the surprise trip that best suits you. Select the number of travelers, the airport of departure and the dates of your getaway.

Remove destinations

You will discover the possible destinations and you'll be able to discard the cities you do not want to visit.


You will not know your destination until a few days before traveling!

Waynabox destinations

These are the destinations that will surprise you

In all cities you can live an unforgettable experience. There are more than 60 destinations! Here are some examples:

Departures from: Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Málaga, Bilbao, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Lisboa, Oporto, Londres, París, Lyon, Roma y Milán


How are the accommodations?

Well located

You will sleep in hotels, hostels or apartments centrally or very well connected by public transport. So you can make the most of your time in the city!

Well rated on tripadvisor

All possible accommodations are well rated on TripAdvisor. We guarantee that you will sleep in places where we would love to wake up.


You can add breakfast to your stay to start the day with energy.

What does include

What does a Waynabox includes?

All trips include round trip flights and accommodation!
Included in all our trips
1 surprise destination
roundtrip flights
accommodation well valued by tripadvisor
exclusive destination guide
exclusive destination guide
extra services
limit flight schedule
exclude destinations
add breakfast


Frequently Asked Questions

We know it is an important trip and we want to answer your questions. That is why here you will find answers to the most common questions.

What does the trip include?
All trips include round trip flights and accommodation. Transportation in the destination city is not included in the price of the trip.
What luggage can I bring?
Free hand luggage is included in all trips. The regulatory dimensions of cabin baggage depend on the airline with which you travel. We recommend that you look for the measures allowed on the website of the company with which you fly.
Is there a special rate for children?
We have a special rate of € 50 for children under 2 years. You must reserve as if the baby were an adult and when filling in your data and indicate the date of birth the system will automatically detect that it is less than 2 years old and will modify the price. For now, there is no special rate for over 2 years, so your ticket will be € 150, like that of adult passengers.
Is it possible to leave from different airports to the same destination?
YES! Although this is only possible if you travel from Barcelona and Madrid. In this case you should clearly indicate in comments the name of your companion so that it is possible to process the reservation.
Changes and cancellations
Reservations are processed within 24 hours after entering the system. Thereafter, the trip is closed and can no longer be canceled. If the reservation is already processed and you want to make a change, the cancellation conditions and changes that each flight or accommodation provider imposes on your rate will apply. Once the reservation is processed, the rates applied by the providers must be paid by users who wish to make a change, whenever possible.
How does the waynaregalo work?
The waynaregalo allows you to buy a Waynabox trip without having to fill in the passenger's information or choose the dates or discard the destinations, so the person who receives the gift can customize the trip to your liking. The gift must be exchanged within a year. If after that period the gift has not been exchanged, the entire amount of the purchase would be lost.


What do the wayners say?